St. John’s is very fortunate to have some very fine and interesting stained glass windows. Today, only the window over the entry porch on the south wall remains plain glass. The remaining windows are some of the best 19th and 20th century stained glass, each with its own story. 

The Hedgeland Window (East end)

An extract from the Yorkshire Gazette, 1 October 1853

‘Sharow Church. A painted window Mr. Hedgeland, of London, has just been erected in the East end of Sharow church, Ripon, the munificent gift of Mrs. Mason, of Copt Hewick Hall. The window is designed in the perpendicular style of Gothic architecture and contains six subjects selected from the incidents in the life of our Saviour; viz., in the lower compartments, “the Nativity,” ” Christ disputing with the doctors,” and the ” Baptism ;” and in the upper, « the Descent from the Cross,” ” the Resurrection,” and ” the Ascension of our Lord.” The general effect of the window is much enhanced by the introduction of only such gothic detail as harmonizes with sound taste, while the composition of the subjects is skilfully arranged, and the figures properly drawn. Additional interest conferred upon this window from its being nearly the first opportunity the public have had of testing the superiority of the glass manufactured by Messrs. Powell, from an analysis of the best specimens of ancient glass supplied them by Mr. Winston, the well known author of ” Hints on Glass Painting,” and we may add the success of this new material must shortly ensure its general use.’

A full description of all the stained glass will be added.