Silhouette Soldiers Design

#SilhouetteSoldiers is a grass-roots project to return First World War servicemen and women to the streets of Ripon.

At its height, Ripon hosted over 30,000 soldiers. This dwarfed the size of the city itself, which was home to around 10,000 people at the time.

The project has been overseen by Joe Priestley, Heritage Learning Officer, alongside Dan Metcalfe. The designs have been created by Jeanne Mundy, digitised by Joe Priestley and produced by Econ Engineering.


With thanks

To Dan Metcalfe, Jeanne Mundy, Stuart Martin, Econ Engineering and Ripon Farm Services.

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The figures are being installed as a precursor to a major exhibition at Ripon Cathedral. Find out more about Fields of Mud, Seeds of Hope here:

Find out more here