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  1. Hello Ruth, I just read your article in Green Christian (Autumn 2019), followed your link to the ‘Transition Movement’, and pondered your title about what the Church can learn from Environmental Activists.
    As you will have gathered, I enjoyed the article, and enjoyed it more when I realised that you are based roughly round the corner from where I live.
    The actual reason I’m dropping you an email is because I have recently been appointed as The Director of St. Paul’s Institute, (connected to the Cathedral)
    I am working through our Strategy, one major area of focus hopefully over the next few years, will be on Intergenerational Justice.
    As you know there are lots of overlaps with the Climate Emergency movement and calls for Intergenerational equity. I thought you might be interested in how we are looking to use Reconciliation and Peace building approaches to bring powerful City leaders together with young people to find a way to agree what appropriate Transitions actually need to look like…with Christian insight at its heart
    I hope it can become a role the Church can play in creating new pathways to different kinds of future…perhaps this approach and your passion about The Green Agenda is something we could explore further?

    I hope we get to speak soon and
    look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes

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