The congregation at St John’s Sharow are rightly proud of their award-winning Churchyard which is considered to be a national leader in Churchyard management. This is due to the inspirational leadership on the part of a few dedicated individuals over a considerable number of years.


We consider our churchyard to be a community resource, a place of tranquillity and peace for all to enjoy. We think of ourselves as caring for God’s creation and building an ark for vulnerable species, and we support and mentor other churches attempting similar projects. We manage to combine biodiversity, bereavement care and heritage management in an effective way which balances the needs of all.

four men stand with rakes on green grass around a green bag with grass clippings


The spring and summer meadows are a joy to behold, but there are less obvious treats too, such colourful fungi and lichen. Children particularly enjoy hunting for these small treasures, and we hope we are encouraging a love and respect for nature in the work that we undertake here.

yellow daffodils green grass stone gravestones blue sky
yellow daffodils green grass stone gravestones
red rose hips on green stalks stone church in background
two red fungi in green grass