1a. Hirer
b. Date of hire
c. Period of hire
d. Area for use:
i) Nave @ £25 per hour
ii) Meeting Room @ £16 per hour
iii) Kitchen @ £25 per booking (meal preparation)
@ £12per booking (drinks preparation)
e. Equipment
i) Tables Included – 3 rectangular, 6 rounds
ii) Chairs Included
iii) Sound System @ £5 per booking
iv) Projector / screen @ £10 per booking
v) Blüthner Grand piano @ £25 per booking.
Piano tuning @ £65 per booking
vi) Abbott Organ @ £25 per booking
f. Hire Fee Total
g. Event


The terms and conditions (“these terms”) set out in clauses 2 to 15 below shall apply to this Agreement.

SIGNED for or on behalf of the Hirer

SIGNED on behalf of the Parochial Church Council

of the Parish of Sharow with Copt Hewick and Marton le Moor



  1. Definitions

“booking“ means Your booking for the hire of the Church, particulars of which are set out in clause 1 above;

“the Hire Period” means the date(s) and times specified in clause 1(b) and clause 1(c) above;

“the Hire Fee“ means the hire fee payable in respect of the hire of the Church for the Event;

“the Event “means the event or activity for which the booking has been made as specified in clause 1(g) above;

“ the Church“ means St. John’s Church, Sharow or any part or parts of it to which the booking relates;

“the Car Park” means the parking area fronting to Berrygate Lane to the south of the Church;

“Equipment” means the equipment listed n clause 1(e) above and any other equipment within the Church;

“You/Your“ means the person(s) or organisation named in clause 1(a) above;

“We/Our“ means the Parochial Church Council of the Parish of St John, Sharow;

The words “writing” or “written“ in these terms include email communications;



  1. Hire, Hire Fee and Payment

We permit You to use the Church, the Car Park and such of the Equipment as is included in the booking on the date(s) for the period(s) and for the Event specified in clause 1 above upon these terms.  You will not have any right, title or interest in or to such Equipment save the right to use it subject to these terms. On or after the date of hire We shall invoice You by email for the Hire Fee and You are to make payment accordingly within 30 days of the date of the invoice.  Payment by bank transfer is preferred. We reserve the right to charge interest on any sum not paid on the due date at the rate of 3% per year above the base lending rate of Barclays Bank plc from time to time in force. Such interest will accrue on a daily basis from the due date until the date of actual payment whether before or after judgement.


  1. Damage and Supervision

During the Hire Period You will:

(a) Not cause damage to the Church, its contents, fixtures or fittings, or the Equipment;

(b) Be responsible for the supervision of all persons using the Church and the Equipment for the Event and the proper supervision of car parking within the Car Park so as to avoid obstruction of the public highway; We shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to vehicles or other property belonging to any persons attending the Church for the Event.  Young children must not be allowed to enter the Church or the surrounding churchyard without supervision.


  1. Conduct

(a) No drunk or disorderly behaviour will be tolerated within the Church or its immediate vicinity;

(b) You must ensure that during the Hire Period all persons using the Church conduct themselves in an orderly and reasonable manner whist attending the Event and upon leaving the Church;

(c) You must not allow any illegal drugs to be brought onto the premises.


  1. Use of the Church

(a) You are to use the Church and the Car Park only for the purpose of the Event;

(b) You must not do or permit to be done in or around the Church or the Car Park anything which is illegal or immoral or which may become a nuisance or annoyance (whether actionable or not) or cause inconvenience or disturbance to local residents;

(c) You must ensure that nothing is done within the Church in contravention of the laws relating to gaming, betting and lotteries;

(d) No ball games are permitted within the Church or the surrounding churchyard;

(e) No alcohol is to be sold inside or outside the Church without the necessary licence being obtained;

(f) No smoking is permitted within the Church or the surrounding churchyard;

(g) During the Hire Period the Church must not be left unattended outside normal opening hours unless securely locked;

(g) At the end of the Hire Period You must leave the Church in a clean and tidy condition and remove all rubbish from it.


  1. Health and Safety

(a) You must ensure that the general fire health and safety precautions are taken and maintained during the Hire Period.  The maximum seating capacity of the Church (Nave) is 200 and 15 in the Meeting Room;

(b) You must ensure that all electrical equipment brought into the Church has a current PAT test certificate;

(c) No portable heating appliances are permitted within the Church;

(d) You must ensure that all entrances and exits are kept clear of any obstructions;

(e) Young children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult;

(f) You must ensure that no combustible materials or substances are brought into or used in any part of the Church before or during the Hire Period;

(g) No goods or equipment may be stored in the Church without Our prior approval; Any stored items will be at Your sole risk and We shall not accept liability for loss or damage to the same.


  1. Insurance

You are to be responsible for Your own public liability insurance and any other insurance that may be required to cover the Event.  Our public liability insurance does not extend to Your liabilities and We shall not accept any liability for accidents or injuries or for damage or loss of personal property arising from Your use of the Church.


  1. Equipment

(a) You must ensure that the Equipment is used only for the purpose for which it is designed and that it is used in a proper manner in accordance with any operating instructions;

(b) You are responsible for ensuring that all users of the Equipment are aware of the appropriate procedures for the safe and correct use of the same and defects or deficiencies found to exist must be reported promptly to the Bookings Secretary;

(b) You must make good any damage to the Equipment caused during the Hire Period ;

(c) You must not make any alterations to the Equipment or remove any of it from the Church;

(d) At the end of the Hire Period any part of the Equipment used for the Event must be returned to the position in which the same was found immediately before the start of the Hire Period.  In particular, all wooden chairs should be left in the positions indicated on the attached Chair Plan and the folding chairs should be returned to their usual locations in accordance with the instructions given alongside that Plan.


  1. Accidents, losses and damage

(a) All accidents, breakages and damage occurring before or during the Event must be reported to the Bookings Secretary forthwith;

(b) You must make good at Your own expense all losses and damage caused to the Church and/or the Equipment during the Hire Period.


  1. Use of the Kitchen

(a) You must ensure that persons using the kitchen are aware of the relevant Food Hygiene Regulations and the Food Safety Act and that the requisite statutory provisions are duly complied with during the Hire Period;

(b) Young children are not to be allowed to enter the kitchen unless accompanied by an adult;

(c) If light refreshments are required for the Event, You are to be responsible for providing these unless they are specifically included in the Hire Fee.


  1. Indemnity

You must indemnify Us against all claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs and expenses arising from Your use of the Church or the Car Park and/or any breach, non-observance or non-performance of these terms.


  1. Licences and Copyright

You must comply with all relevant legal requirements relating to music, singing and dancing licences, theatre licences and copyright arising in connection the Event.  You are responsible for obtaining any necessary licences, but no application for these is to be made without Our prior approval.

  1. Cancellation by You

If You wish to cancel the booking, You may do so by contacting the Bookings Secretary up to 14 days before the start of the Hire Period, in which event your cancellation will be confirmed by email and no part of the Hire Fee will be payable.  Should You wish to cancel the booking less than 14 days before the start of the Hire Period You must contact the Bookings Secretary, whereupon Your cancellation will be confirmed by email, but You will in this event be invoiced for payment of 50% of the Hire Fee.


  1. Termination by Us

We may terminate this Hire Agreement at any time with immediate effect by giving You written notice (including by email) if You fail to observe or comply with these terms.


How to contact Us

If You wish to contact Us, please telephone the Bookings Secretary, Rosemary Triffitt, on 01765 – 605576, or send her an email:  rosemary.triffitt@ripon.org.