News from Sharow Village Hall:

Calendar of Events  – 2019

Monday 7th January, 7pm  –                YAH Club (young at heart club for adults)

Wednesday 16th January, 2pm  –         YAH Club

Saturday 26th January, 10-12 noon –   Coffee morning

Monday 4th February, 7pm –               YAH Club

Saturday 9th February, 6.45pm    –      Evening on the Orient Express

Wednesday 20th February, 2pm  –       YAH club

Monday 4th March, 7pm  –                  YAH Club

Saturday 16th March, 7pm  –               Pudding and Pie night. Tickets from committee members

Wednesday 20th March, 2pm  –           YAH Club

Monday 1st April, 7pm  –                    YAH Club

Tuesday 16th April, 7pm  –                  AGM

Wednesday 17th April, 2pm  –             YAH Club

Saturday 11th May, 10-12 noon –        Coffee morning (with a plant stall)

Wednesday 15th May, 2pm  –              YAH Club

Monday 3rd June, 7pm  –                     YAH Club

Wednesday 19th June 2pm  –               YAH Club

Saturday 8th June, 7pm –                    Fish’n’chip and Quiz Night

Monday 1st July, 7pm  –                      YAH Club

Sunday 7th July, 2pm  –                       Strawberries and wine

Wednesday 17th July, 2pm  –               YAH Club

Monday 5th August, 7pm  –                 YAH Club

Wednesday 21st August, 2pm –           YAH Club

August, 2-4 pm  –                                Afternoon tea (Date to be confirmed)

Monday 2nd September, 7pm  –           YAH Club

Saturday 7th September,7pm  –           Evening supper

Wednesday 18th September 2pm  –     YAH Club

Monday 7th October, 7pm  –                YAH Club

Saturday 12th October, 7pm  –             Fish’n’chip and quiz night

Wednesday 16th October, 2pm  –         YAH Club

Monday 4th November, 7pm-              YAH Club

Saturday 9th November, 12.30pm  –    Lunch to celebrate Remembrance Day

Wednesday 20th November, 2pm  –     YAH Club

Monday 2nd December, 7pm – YAH Club

Wednesday 18th December, 2pm  –     YAH Club

For more information about any of the above please contact Steve Roberts: 01765 608978


Meetings of the Sharow Branch of the W. I. are held on the first Tuesday in the month at 7pm.

Silver Diners’ Lunch is held on the last Friday in the month 12noon-2pm.

The Hall is in use at other times for: Gardening Club, Guitar Group, Yoga, etc.

For information about booking the Hall please contact Edna Colley: 01765 603250

As always our thanks go out to all who continue to support and help us.

Any suggestions or queries please speak to the chairman: Steve Roberts on 01765 608978