1. Introduction

1.1 This document sets out the bookings policy in relation the Parish Church of St
John’s Sharow. The areas of the church available are the Nave, Tower Room, Side
Chapel and Churchyard, all with use of the kitchen and toilets. This Bookings
Policy complies with the Equality Act 2010
1.2 The Hiring Agreement which accompanies this document must be completed and
signed in respect of every booking. The signee, (who must be a responsible adult
over the age of 25) will accept full responsibility for the observance of the terms set
out in this document.

2. Primary Intent

2.1 St John’s Church is an important historical building. The Parochial Church Council
(PCC) has the responsibility for maintaining it for the benefit of this and future
generations and therefore has an obligation to raise funds so to do.
2.2 The PCC seeks to maximise community use of the church while acknowledging the
impact on Church services and activities.
2.3 This document will assist the PCC in making decisions respecting booking requests.

3. Letting Restrictions

3.1 The PCC will seek to encourage community groups to use the premises for meetings
and activities.
3.2 All users will conduct themselves in a reasonable manner whilst using and leaving
the premises.
3.3 All events will finish by 11 p.m. and the premises vacated by midnight. If the
booking requires special arrangements e.g. early access, this must be noted on the
booking form.
3.4 Priority will be given to regular bookings provided that they do not conflict with
church activities.
3.5 No access will be allowed to the Tower or Sanctuary.
3.6 Acts of worship, other than Christian worship will not be permitted

4. Charges

4.1 Charges will be set consistent with covering costs and will include a contribution to
the upkeep of the premises. Charges are set out in the accompanying booking
agreement. The schedule of charges will be reviewed annually.
4.2 In the event of cancellation by the PCC, all fees will be refunded.
4.3 Fees may be waived for Sharow Church organisations wishing to use the premises
but a contribution towards heating and lighting is expected.

5. Access and Security

5.1 The hirer is required to be present at the beginning and end of the letting period and
the premises must not be left unattended unless securely locked.
5.2 The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the premises are left clean, tidy and secure
with all furniture, crockery etc. returned to their found position, and rubbish
5.3 The PCC reserves the right for one of its members or a representative to enter any
part of the building at any time to carry out the business of the church.

6. Health and Safety

6.1 It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the safe conduct of their activity during
the period of hire including the presence of a suitably qualified first aider if
appropriate. A First Aid box is located in the nave cupboard to the left of the Tower
Room door.
6.2 All incidents involving personal accident must be reported to the Church Wardens
and recorded in the accident book located in the nave cupboard to the left of the
Tower Room door.
6.3 All exits and entrances must be left clear at all times. Recommended maximum
seating capacities:
Church 200
Tower Room 12
Meeting Room 15
6.4 The hirer will be responsible for carrying out their own Risk Assessment and
ensuring that Security, Fire and Health and Safety requirements appropriate to the
event are met. St John’s Fire, Health and Safety Policies are available on request.
6.5 All portable electric devices brought in for the booking must have up to date Safety
certificates available for inspection on request. Additional heating appliances are
not permitted.
6.6 There is no telephone on the premises so the hirer must ensure access to a mobile
phone in case of emergencies. A public telephone box is located nearby on the
pavement between the church and the school.
6.7 No access whatever is permitted to the stair or upper rooms in the Tower.

7. General

7.1 A strict no smoking policy applies throughout the premises.
7.2 Alcohol cannot be sold on the premises unless the appropriate licence has been
7.3 Advertising material must be approved by the PCC or its representative and must
clearly display the name of the person or organisation responsible for the event.
7.4 No fixing material may be used that may damage the fabric of the premises.
7.5 All rubbish must be removed from the premises and may be put in the black lidded
wheelie bin at the rear of the church.

8. Car Park

Use of the car park will be available for your event but does not form part of this

9. Responsibilities

9.1 The PCC is responsible for providing any agreed facilities in good working order
throughout the letting period.
9.2 The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all users are aware of procedures for safe
and correct use of equipment and facilities and must report any deficiencies they
9.3 The hirer shall ensure that a supervising adult is present throughout the period of
hire to be responsible for orderly behaviour of the hirer’s guests and members.
9 .4 The hirer must leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition. Losses, breakages
and damage must be reported and paid for in full. Any rearranged furniture must be
replaced in its original places before the premises are vacated.
9.5 The hirer agrees to indemnify the Church Wardens against all claims, demands,
actions, proceedings, damages, costs and expenses arising out of the non-observance
of this Hirings Policy document.

10. Kitchen use/refreshments

10.1 The hirer is responsible for refreshment comestibles (e.g. coffee, tea, sugar etc.)
unless specifically agreed otherwise in the hiring agreement.
10.2 The hirer is responsible for ensuring that persons using the kitchen are aware of the
relevant Food Hygiene Regulation and Food Safety Act.
10.3 Young children are not allowed into the kitchen unless accompanied by an adult.

11. Equipment

Use of the following equipment must be specified on the hiring form.
– Full sound system including clip on microphones, hand held microphone (with
stand) and a loop system. Full details available on request.
– A grand piano is available for use by a competent person. Children must be
supervised by an adult.
– A projector and collapsible screen is available for use by a competent person.
(The hirer will supply the necessary laptop or equivalent.)
– Two banks each of 48 folding chairs.
– Three large tables and four round tables.

12. Insurance

The hirer is responsible for effecting whatever insurance (usually Public Liability
Insurance) to cover their liabilities. The PCC’s Public Liability Insurance cover does
not extend to the hirer’s liabilities. The PCC accepts no Liability for accidents,
injuries, damage and/or loss of personal property as a consequence of using the


13. Legal Requirements

13.1 The hirer must comply with any legal requirement concerning music, singing and
dancing licences, theatre licences and copyright. The hirer shall be fully responsible
for obtaining any such licences or any other permission required. No such
application shall be made without approval of the PCC.
13.2 The hirer shall have regard for the provision of the Children’s Act 1989 for any event
involving persons under the age of 18, providing supervision by an adequate number
of responsible adults.
13.3 The hirer shall not use the premises for any other purpose than that specified in the
Hiring Agreement and is specifically forbidden to use, or allow use of the premises
or its surrounding grounds for any illegal or immoral purpose.

14. Compliance

Failure by the hirer to comply with any of the terms set out in the Hiring Policy
document whether intentionally or not may be deemed by the PCC to be just cause
for immediate cancellation of any booking or series of bookings.

15. Administration

Bookings of the premises will be administered by Bookings Clerk as appointed by
the PCC. This includes the acceptance and declining of bookings in consultation
with the Standing Committee of the PCC, the final arbiter, if required, being the
Priest in Charge.